16 Most Innovative Startups Launched In 2011

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16 Most Innovative Startups Launched In 2011

Here are our pick of startups for 2011 that we find most innovative and unusual to use.

16 Most Innovative Startups Launched In 2011

Qwiki- Get Information Via StoryTelling

Qwiki is to improve the way people experience information. Whether you’re planning a vacation on the web, evaluating restaurants on your phone, or helping with homework of your kids.

How? Well,Qwiki is working to deliver information in a format that’s quintessentially human – via storytelling instead of search. Qwiki will eventually deliver information, on demand, wherever you are in the world on whatever device you’re using.

Qwiki takes raw information from most popular web topics and turns it into an interactive presentation on your chosen subject, narrated by a computerized voice .

Type in “Buenos Aires,” for example, and you’ll get a mix of photos, videos, and interactive maps, accompanied by a voice-over summary.So,its just as some one is reading out your search query in the story form (just as your grand mother used to tell you stories).

CrowdBands- Now Fans Can Decide Bands Future

Crowdbands is the first record label driven by the decisions of its members.It means now every fans and members had an opportunity to directly affect how music is made, released and played. In other words, it is guiding the record label’s decisions and artists’ careers!

They offer their service through democratic voting process on their site and through an environment where you can share content and ideas with fans that are not accessible anywhere else.With this site fans can take control of the record label business and be more involved with the bands they love.


TweetLand- Now Play Games By Tweeting

Tweet Land is the first set of videogames that plays with reality, making it different every time you play.It can be played by tweeting.It means that your tweeting words can be turned into real playable games.

Every time someone in the world tweets something, his or her tweets could affect the gameplay of Tweet Land by triggering certain action-keywords.It could be a “car accident” in your racing game, it could be your hate-gun gets reloaded in the action game, it could be anything.

Tweetland have created tons of situations that are triggered by their relative keywords that people might tweet. For instance,car accident,shooting star ,tsunami,volcano eruption, fireflies etc.


TrafficTalk is offering a free service for drivers on mobile phones, where people come together in a LIVE conference environment and share details about traffic conditions, helping one another avoid or escape back-ups. TrafficTalk helps you make informed decisions, taking the stress out of your everyday commute. With TrafficTalk, you get all the perspectives — from people on the main roads and others trying alternate routes.

Carena-Live Medical Help Via WebCam

Carena is coming out with unique idea (that is 24/7 support for all your medical needs).You can get 24/7 assessment and treatment for you urgent medical concerns without leaving home with Carena.

Carena medical help start with a phone call to a board-certified physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner who uses a proprietary clinical evaluation system to determine what type of care is appropriate for the member’s medical concern.

The evaluation considers the acuity of the concern, the presence of chronic conditions, and the patient’s level of anxiety to determine the appropriate type and timing of care.

StudyBoost- Study Via Sms

StudyBoost provides a web-based application to users with the ability to post, share and study material with friends and provides a unique value, by delivering materials via Instant Messaging platforms, SMS and more.

For using this tool,first of all take your study notes from class and upload them to create a batch of study questions. You can upload your written notes from class using its manual question creator or upload your notes electronically from a file, whichever best fits your style.And you’re ready to study via text&IM messages.

CurrencyFair- Exchange Money Anonymously

CurrencyFair is a new internet-based marketplace where people can exchange currencies with other people, anonymously, at rates only otherwise available to multinationals and market professionals dealing in millions.

You can choose to exchange straight away, at a market-beating rate, or offer up your own rate and wait for someone else to match you.
It’s simple to use, and will save you money.

Most importantly, some people say, it puts you in control of the whole process of exchanging and sending money abroad.

To open an account with CurrencyFair you’ll need to complete the registration form. You will then be given the first 3 digits of your PIN. Memorise them while you wait for a positive ID, their email with the last 3 digits of your PIN and an activation link.

Memeoirs-Turn Your Emails Into Books

Memeoirs allows you to effortlessly create a book from your e-mails.

Memeoirs makes the process of generating your book fully automatic. They choose your e-mails. All you need to do is choose a time period, some of your contacts and have fun creating a personalized book!

Your Memeoirs is made by selectively publishing the e-mails from your contacts that fall into the time frame you choose. That said, newsletters, account activation e-mails, and all that non-personal mailing will be discarded for you.

FlightLite- 3D Flight Tracker

flightlite is a live flight tracker that allows you to track in the air flights around the world.

For using it what you have to do is just enter the flight number or airline name into the search box and they’ll show you a list of the flights you can track.

If you have google’s earth plugging installed then you can track all flights progress in 3D.

Disposable Phone Number

It aims to provide you one temporary phone number that you can use and throw like disposable email ids.

All you have to do is just choose what phone you want to ring when someone calls your disposable number.

You can only have one active disposable number per phone. When it expires, or you use up the minutes, you can always buy another.

Enter that number on the get a number screen along with the area code for your new disposable number.

Now choose how long you want your disposable number to be active, and how many minutes of talk time you need. Buy it through Paypal and you are ready to go!


MealSnap- Count Calories Via Pics

MealSnap can count calories in your food by just snapping a picture. It means, you can count calories in your food just anywhere & at any place.

All you have to do is just bring out your phone and snap the picture of food on your table and you’re done. In few minutes or so, you would get the exact figure of how much calories are in your foods. So, it’s kind of real time food calories counting tool for you.

Once a photo is taken of the food or beverage, the app does all the work, while the user enjoys his or her meal.

Users take a picture of the food or beverage they are about to consume. Then the image is uploaded to the Meal Snap database where Meal Snap automatically identifies the food.

After that within minutes the app sends an alert directly to the user’s phone providing a range of the calories for the meal photographed.

News Anchor- Transforming your feed into Personalized Video News

News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader to transorm your feeds into audio and video. News Anchor applies text-to-speech technology to present a television-like news broadcast.

News Anchor compiles news shows based on your selection of RSS or ATOM feeds. You group related feeds together as channels and News Anchor will pull data from those RSS feeds and automatically aggregate the articles into channel episodes. You don’t have to be limited by the audio news available in podcasts — you can enjoy your own personalized news broadcast.


MaxPoint-Hyper Local Advertising

Maxpoint aims to refine our location-based services. What it does basically is, it identifies the best potential neighborhood for any brand – those both interested and capable of purchasing the product.

MaxPoint draws point-of-sale data from retail stores nationwide, demographics, psychographics and other publicly available data sources – all of which contain no personally identifiable information .

MaxPoint then uses its precise Digital Zip technology to find the most qualified neighborhoods for the advertised product, based on the characteristics and interests of the people who live there.

MaxPoint’s Digital Zips segment the country into 34,000 distinct neighborhoods, each with approximately 3,400 households, allowing marketers to pinpoint locations within a retailer’s trade area, more precisely serving their targeted online ads.

MaxPoint evaluates each individual online impression in real-time, delivering the campaign creative only if the impression matches the brand’s customized neighborhood profile – without using cookies as part of the solution.

Bump.com-Connecting People By License Plate Number

BUMP.com is an integrated web and mobile messaging platform that allows anyone to send a message to any license plate number in the United States, at any time.

Messages can be sent via email, text or voice, and are directed to a specific license plate.Users can snap a scan of the license plate they wish to contact, type in the license plate number manually, or enter the plate number verbally into their mobile phone.

For using this service, you just provide them your license plate number at signup and create your profile. And, you’re ready to get connected with other people by license plate number. In order to receive messages and offers (BUMPs), the license plate owner must “claim” his or her plate on BUMP.com.

Messages can be sent via email, using the BUMP.com website, or by mobile phone. Users can snap a scan of the license plate they wish to contact, type in the license plate number manually, or enter the plate number verbally into their mobile phone.


Trimensional-3D Printing

Trimensional uses both the screen and the front-facing camera on your iOS device, detecting patterns of light reflected off your face to build a true 3D model.

You can view your face from any angle, and customize the look of the 3D rendering before sending it off to all of your friends.

After model appear on screen,this apps export printable file through your email.

And now you’re ready to use 3-D printing from your iphone.

Nextdrop- Solving Water Problem Via Cell Phone

NextDrop provides households with accurate and timely information about local piped water delivery, over cell phones already widely in use in India.

Information comes from water utility employees.Utility employees in the field use their cell phones to call their interactive voice response system when they open neighborhood valves and “feeder valves” which must be manually opened to enable local water delivery.

These reports are used to generate real-time water availability updates and notifications 30-60 minutes in advance of water delivery. In addition, NextDrop uses crowd-sourcing to verify the accuracy of utility reports and create a feedback loop, introducing much needed visibility for engineers in the water utility.

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