Want To Start Own Company? Then Use 10 Must (Use) Resources For Online Entrepreneurs

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Want To Start Own Company? Then Use 10 Must (Use) Resources For Online Entrepreneurs

Got a startup idea? So now planning to open your own startup company? Then what’s the problem? No idea how to start a company? Or whom to ask for the help?

Well,we could help you. How? We are going to provide you 10 must use resources if you want to open a new startup company.

10 Must Use Resources For Online Entrepreneurs



FindLaw, is the world’s leading provider of online legal information and Internet marketing solutions for all kind of firms.

FindLaw is providing the free legal information on the Internet with more than four million legal consumers visiting each month.It is one of the largest legal directory available.It’s must use for entrepreneurs.

FindLaw offer a mix of cases, statutes, legal news, a lawyer directory, an online career center and community-oriented tools (such as mailing lists and message boards) for entrepreneurs to reslove all their law issues.

I can say it’s one of the best tool for online entreprenurs who want to run their business in US.



The Grasshopper virtual phone system helps entrepreneurs sound more professional and stay connected from anywhere.

Features include toll free and local numbers, custom greetings, multiple extensions for employees, call forwarding to any phone anywhere in the world, voicemail to email, and much more.

Unlike a traditional phone system, Grasshopper is managed all online and in the cloud – there’s no hardware to purchase and no software to install.



LogoYes.com lets you create your own professional-quality logo and matching business cards online in minutes. No design experience or special software is required, and the process is fast, easy and affordable.

LogoYes is also the only DIY logo site that matches your logo design to your business card design. Having a unified image adds value to your company and helps build brand loyalty among your customers.



Basecamp is project mangment collobaration tool.Basecamp encourages team and client discussion. Entrepreneurs can use Basecamp to keep all the discussions about a project in one centralized location.

Basecamp can notify other people on your team via email whenever anyone posts a new message or comment. You can even subscribe to a Daily Digest email for your project which gives a nicely formatted report of what happened the day before.



Elance is an online agency that matches technical, design and other professionals with businesses needing such services. Project “owners” post their requirements and service providers bid on them

Elance helps entreprenurs to hire and manage in the cloud. For entreprenurs who are looking to staff-up a team on an hourly or project basis, Elance offers instant access to qualified professionals who work online and provides the tools to hire, view work as it progresses and pay for results.




Entrepreneurs can easily track contacts, leads, customers, vendors, and others with Highrise.Every contact in Highrise gets a page.
You and your co-workers can add notes from calls,conversations, meetings, or any other historic information about this person.
Highrise lets you specify who can see which people, companies, notes, and cases. It’s your call.

Highrise will even send reminders to your email account or mobile phone!



Finding quality domain name is also very important if you want to open your own company.Here is a tool that might help you to find a quality domain name for your startups company.


Sitespotter is your all-in-one useful tool for finding quality expired or deleted domain names. Sitespotter is a tool to analyze the massive daily lists of expiring/pending deletion domains that are released to the public each day. Utilizing advanced Sitespotter filters out undesirable domain names and extracts only what you’re looking for — high quality domain names.

Sitespotter features automated algorithms to parse(text analyzing) through hundreds of thousands of names to deliver you only the ones worth further investigation.




If you are planning to open a eCommerce startups or any retail sites then online invoicing could be big problem for you.So for avoiding any invoicing related problems you can check this tool to solve all your invoicing problems.

BillingOrchard is an online electronic billing software application that maintains hourly time billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, managed using your web browser.

BillingOrchard is the ideal solution for web hosts and hosting resellers, lawyers, web developers, consultants, and others requiring time-based and recurring client management.




ProjectLocker is to provide on-demand tools for software entreprenurs. Guided by the simple mission of helping companies build better software, ProjectLocker’s services have expanded to include services for the complete lifecycle of software projects, from requirements documentation to build and test automation.




Finding right web hosting service for your startup company is most important thing.For this we would suggest you to check out GoDaddy.

Go Daddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider.One-third of the Internet runs through Go Daddy’s servers so it’s advisbale to new wannbe entreprenurs to open their website on their servers.Why? Because Go Daddy is larger than the next 8 closest registrar competitors combined.Go Daddy is the largest hosting provider of secure websites in the world

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