Now Shop In Any Local Store Through Your Mobile Via Pago

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Now Shop In Any Local Store Through Your Mobile Via Pago

Now you can shop in any local store through your mobile. Yes. How? By using this new mobile apps(Pago).

What is Pago?

Pago is a new mobile apps that aims to connect you with (all the) local retail stores for your daily shopping.


Pago is a free mobile application that allows you to browse, order and pay for local goods and services. To locate businesses, download the apps using your smartphone. The application prompts you to select a city. Once you’ve selected your city, a list of venues will be available sorted by alphabetical order.

Easy To Use:

For using it, all you have to do is just select your city, choose your venue, select goods or services and place your order.Once you’ve filled out your order, click the ‘Next’ prompt. Once there you will be able to change the gratuity or click ‘Next’ again. You can complete the order by selecting your payment type. You will be notified once your order has been processed.

Then merchant receives your order information and confirms that the order has been processed and paid for.Now you can pick up your items by showing your receipt .

Good For Merchants:

Pago’s merchant apps integrates with any restaurant, retail or service location.Business owners have a unique opportunity to get to know their customers and provide targeted discounts or loyalty programs.

Available On iOS:

Download the Pago application for your iOS, Android or BlackBerry smartphone to browse all venues on the Pago network.
Pago is currently available at select merchant locations in Mountain View, CA and Las Vegas.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Idea is good. This kind of startup should work.

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