iRooms: Virtual Data Room for Dealmakers & M&A Professionals

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iRooms: Virtual Data Room for Dealmakers & M&A Professionals

iRooms is an virtual data room (VDR) solution designed to help you and your working group share confidential documents quickly and efficiently, in a totally secure online data room environment.

With a multi-lingual user interface and project management team, they can take care of your local and global M&A and capital markets transactions, no matter how large or small.

With iRooms, you retain control, setting the user hierarchies to protect your most sensitive data.

In Company’s Own Words:

iRooms provides an easy to use, cost efficient solution for your business.It aims to provide you secure document sharing throughout M&A and capital markets transactions to long-term secure file storage for companies with geographically dispersed offices/directors/consultants.

How It Works:

Each area of iRooms virtual data center has been developed through in-depth consultation with typical users. iRooms, streamlines due diligence during M&A and capital markets transactions and enhances post-merger integration.

The iRooms Q&A dashboard area is easy to use, eliminating the need for training.

Driven by your deal managers who control the entire process, the online due diligence Q&A process is secure and efficient and provides the comfort of ensured compliance through advanced data capture and recording.

The Deal Manager Dashboard captures and displays data about bidders’ activity in real-time. It converts it into relevant deal information and displays it through an easy to use graphical interface.

Best Part Is:

iRooms post deal services provide you with the best tools for the long term management of documents. These include copies of an archive DVD of your data room and Q&A, along with any required activity reports.

This gives you a permanent record of your deal. What’s more, all information will be quickly searchable in the event of any dispute.

It also gives you the added value of retaining huge amounts of vital operational information collected within your iRooms virtual data centre to aid post-merger integration.

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