Discover Most Twitted Videos On Twitter Via Zoofs

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Discover Most Twitted Videos On Twitter Via Zoofs


Zoofs is a new way to discover most twitted videos that people are talking about on Twitter.

Zoofs orbits around the Twitter sphere, eating through piles of tweets everyday, in search for the most tweeted YouTube videos, and applies a weighing recipe to rank them based on their popularity.

In Company’s Own Words:

Zoofs is your destination for YouTube videos that are hot, fun to watch and truly up to date with what’s happening in the world.

These are the videos that people thought are worth sharing with the world. Zoofs looks great on iPad and iPhone, and utilizes YouTube support .


How It Works:

You can browse through videos by categories, and filter videos by showing only those that were uploaded on YouTube in the past 72 hours.

You will also notice that some videos have the “Must Watch” ribbon on them. These are videos that the team at Zoofs are loving and thought are worth highlighting.

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