Two Exclusive renting community for corporate professionals

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Two Exclusive renting community for corporate professionals

Searching for corporate apartments?Here are two exclusive renting community for corporate professionals.


Flats On Rent:

Flatsonrentis an exclusive community which can be accessed only by corporate professionals keen on letting out their owned flats or looking for a flat on rent. It is an effort to bring together the people of various organizations to share rental flats information and connect to each other.

Join the flatsonrent community by signing up with your corporate email Id. Fill in the property listing form and make your flat visible to other community members.

Beside that you can search flats directly posted by flat owners and post your requirements to receive matching flats information straight in your mailbox.

Receive Emails with details of members interested in your flat. If you posted a requirement, receive notifications about new flat listings matching your requirements. Once you find a flat of your interest, share your contact details by sending an email to the flat owner.
If your company is not available in the flatsonrent database, you will be routed to the ‘Add Company’ page at the time of Sign Up.




TCHNetwork offers Real Time Availability Options for your short term, furnished housing needs.Its international network of temporary corporate housing providers offer furnished accommodations — from apartments and condos to single family homes and vacation rentals — all over the world. Whether your need for a hotel-alternative is in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, or Asia, its extensive network of the most respected corporate housing providers will ensure that you always receive the comforts and conveniences you have come to expect

Guests can raid the refrigerator for a late night snack, hold a business meeting, invite friends and family for the weekend, and/or even bring along the family pet.

Corporate housing meets each customer’s individual needs, whether your requirements include video games for the kids, a blender for margaritas, maid service, or a fax machine. Its guests enjoy twice the space of a hotel for a significantly lower cost.


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