Q&A Based Health Apps For iphone,ipad & android devices

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Q&A Based Health Apps For iphone,ipad & android devices

Q&A Based Health Apps For iphone,ipad & android devices

Sometimes I wonder about all these new upcoming technologies and think how far it could go to enrich our lives.

Recently one new apps which caught my eyes is Health apps based on iphone,ipad and android phones.

It’s named as HealthTap. It aims for providing you Q&A based on your health queries.All on your mobile devices or on iPad.

HealthTap’s free web and mobile applications enable 24/7 access to personalized, relevant, and trusted health information from thousands of leading doctors, helping you find the best care and make better decisions about your health and well-being.


HealthTap would connect you with thousands of best physicians (around you) providing quick answers to health questions – anytime, anywhere.

HealthTap provides you with answers to questions from U.S.-licensed physicians, including the best doctors in your area.

Smart Approach:

HealthTap personalizes the information that you receive, based on what you choose to share with them. Other web–based health applications organize information around symptoms, conditions, or treatments, but they organize information around you.

Elsewhere online, two entirely different members (a 24 year old pregnant woman, and a 55 year old man, for example) receive the same health information in response to a search. Using HealthTap, you receive information relevant to you.

How It Works:

Anyone can sign up for HealthTap and HealthTap as it is free to use. All you have to do is just sign up at www.healthtap.com.When you create an account, they would ask you for some basic information, such as your name, email address, and date of birth.

If you want to, you can provide them with additional data to increase the personalization and usefulness of what you see when using HealthTap.Now you can receive the benefits of HealthTap on your mobile just anywhere.

Great thing is:

Your use of HealthTap is anonymous, and anything you choose to share will be safe. Your real name, date of birth, email address, and other Personally Identifiable Information are not visible to others. You select your own unique, anonymous name (Public Profile Name) and visual representation (Public Profile Image) under which you appear when using HealthTap. Stay anonymous by selecting a confidential Public Profile Name and by keeping it private.

Visionwiz’s Views:

It needs to bring (in) more doctors to their database.They should launch their apps in other big market like India & Africa where health is still major issue.This kind of apps is bound to get success if applied smartly.


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