New gaming company( Rumble Entertainment) got funding

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New gaming company( Rumble Entertainment) got funding

Rumble Entertainment, a new gaming company based in Silicon Valley, announced that it has closed a seed round of funding and assembled a renowned founding executive and development team with expertise from Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Playdom and Zynga.


Rumble will develop premium free-to-play games that are instantly accessible, playable across a variety of devices and social networks, all while offering the deep engagement of console games.

In addition to creating their own games, Rumble will offer the world’s leading independent developers a publishing platform that empowers them to focus on what they do best – making great games.

Rumble will launch its first game early next year and also intends to publish third party titles in 2012.

How Is It Different:

Rumble Entertainment is combining the very best of the new digital games business (free to play model, instantly accessible games available anywhere) with the sophisticated design and top notch production values that makes console games so addictive. To put it simply, they’re combining two most popular gaming model into one(its like Zynga meets Blizzard).

What really sets Rumble apart is the team’s ruthless drive to create and publish high quality games.

Who Is Backing Them:

The initial round of seed financing was led by Rick Thompson, the founder and Chairman of Playdom in the social gaming space, as well as Adify and FlyCast in the web advertising industry.

Sound Founding Team:

The team includes veteran developers, executives and product leaders from Zynga, Activision, BioWare, Blizzard, Playdom, Electronic Arts, Turbine, FooMojo and RockYou.

Greg Richardson who is CEO of the company has a 15+ years exp in games space. Launched 10+ platinum selling games

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