How To Pitch Your Startups To Investors

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How To Pitch Your Startups To Investors

Do you want to pitch your business ideas directly to those people who could turn your ideas into reality? Is it so? Then upload your video pitch and start reaching out them.

How? Via few platform given below:



Richard Branson’s Pitch tv is a nice platform for budding entrepreneurs.For using this platform all you have to do is just upload your video pitch and show them your startup.

Once a month they’ll pick out a selection of the best video pitches and then let everyone vote for their favourite.

Each month the five most popular video pitches will make it on to the PitchTV show which will premiere on Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment – to be seen by top business professionals from around the world.

Please make sure your video pitches are no more than 2 minutes long and under 100MB.




Sproutpitch is to help entrepreneurs to showcase their startups ideas to world.It will provide you platform where you can present your startup elevator pitch to world. They invite you to submit your pitch for their community to evaluate the prospect of your startup and give you some ideas and advice.

Record or Upload your Pitch on Youtube and tag it with Sproutpitch.Note: No graphics and keep your pitch as short as possible (60 seconds). Fill their form where you have to mention your name,email,company name,website and submit them for review.They will review your pitch and publish it accordingly.


Here is a video demo:


Venturesocially: is all about the pitch. Any budding entrepreneur can rock up and create deep and meaningful pitches to attract some of the biggest names in venture funding and capital.

Entrepreneur can create as many Venture Pitches as they wish. Once they are happy with the final pitch they can show case the pitches to the world either by distributing the link themselves or waiting for a funding angle to pop by and discover their pitch organically.

Once VC discover your pitch you would see funding started to come. Now you can view each bid from the Venture Profile page. Once they see a bid they are happy with and a funding angel or company they could work with they can accept the bid online.


How To Make Pitch:


Fast Pitches:

Fast Pitches is a place to broadcast your startups and network with people interested in your business.It provides a resource for entrepreneurs to seek advice, seek capital, and fine tune their business plan/business pitch.

By uploading your companies elevator pitch you will be able to network with thousands of other entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and advisors. Your companies business pitch will be viewed by thousands of other interested parties and from there a potential investment could take place. If you are not looking for funding, your product will be advertised and reviewed by others in the community as well, creating vaulable exposure for your company.


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