Five Innovative Social Marketing Tools For Brands & Retailer

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Five Innovative Social Marketing Tools For Brands & Retailer

Five Innovative Social Marketing Tools For Brands & Retailer


Bizo Switchboard

Bizo Switchboard is a free, web-based application that tells you who is clicking on your shared links and then gives you the tools to engage them. By using its tool you can offer (e.g. white papers, free trials; webinar sign-ups) to further engage your followers.

All you have to do is just sign in with twitter button on the Switchboard home page. This will bring you to a page where you can authorize Bizo to use your Twitter Account and sign-in to Switchboard.




Reevoo would help brands to use the power of the crowd by building a community of real product owners for shoppers to ask questions and get the answers they need to make their purchase decision.

It helps brands to move away from a broadcast medium and start to engage in a two-way conversation with customers, while boosting conversion, profitable return visits and customer satisfaction.




TabJuice’s groundbreaking technology allows sellers to offer a branded shopping experience directly on their Facebook Page, where they are already connecting with their fans.

It means that companies who have business pages on Facebook can now use TabJuice to create storefronts within a Facebook Page that can be self-customized to reflect the company’s branding, bringing the experience and functionality of the company’s online store to their Facebook Tab.




Itweetlive helps you find conversations that interest your brand and allows you to initiate a conversation, and manage your twitter account in an efficient way.

Itweetlive does not allow any business to send more than one tweet to a targeted twitter user. That means that each twitter user receives only ONE tweet from a business. So, nobody would feel that he or she is bombard with spam marketing messages.




Zoomzio aims to provide you easy to use social media marketing tools.Its tool will allow all customers to build their own branded campaigns on Facebook easily.

Companies increase their brand awareness and reach millions of people by creating campaigns; like coupon, quiz, trivia, sweepstake, etc.


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