41 Global Thought Leaders Provide Their Views On Globalization

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41 Global Thought Leaders Provide Their Views On Globalization

Today, 41 global thought leaders are letting us know their personal views on the next phase of globalization, the increasingly hot talent wars and growth.

Executives, business school professors and politicians have given their time to this non-profit project with a simple goal: to generate and accelerate discussion about economic growth and new leadership needed to get the best out of a global pool of top talent. Video interviews from around the world were recorded over the last few weeks.

As a part of this virtual gathering of minds, the following leaders have provided their video statements:

Ade McCormack, Auridian
Alexey Mordashov, Severstal
Andrei Volkov, Moscow Business School Skolkovo
Alf Rehn, Åbo Akademi
Anssi Vanjoki, RKBS
Antti Sippola, SOK
Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian Presidential Administration
Bengt Holmstrom, MIT
Bill Fischer, IMD Business School
Birger Steen, Parallels
Claes Wallner, Vattenfall
Ganesh Natarajan, Zensar Technologies
Gopal RajGuru, Innovate + Grow Group
Hannu Seristö, Aalto University
Holger Laubenthal, GE Capital
John Yang, Beijing University
Justin Fox, Harvard Business Review
Malin Persson, Volvo
Marika Skärvik, Mentorius
Mårten Mickos, Eucalyptus
Martha Maznevski, IMD Business School
Matti Alahuhta, Kone Corporation
Olli Rehn, European Commission
Peter Sondergaard, Gartner
Peter Vesterbacka, The Mighty Eagle @Angry Birds
Philip A. Berry, Philip Berry Associates LLC
Sacha Alexander Zackariya, Change Group
Victor Orlovski, Sberbank
Vincent Chen, Institute for Leadership Excellence
Vinit Nijhawan, Boston University

Here are few video interviews:


Executive Interview: Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research

Executive Interview: Professor Martha Maznevski

Executive Interview: Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka from Angry Birds

More at:http://www.nofear-community.com/r

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