ThinkNear drives customers to your business during down times

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ThinkNear drives customers to your business during down times

Every retail store, restaurant, coffee shop or mall face down time during the daytime when customer’s presence are almost nil. For instance, during office hours or early morning hours etc. And in some cases down time or slow down could happen due to other factors as well like weather, traffic etc.

Right or wrong? So are you facing such kind of down time or slow down?

So, have you ever wish to attract more customers for your business in down time or slow down time?


Try this new service called Think Near.

What it does?

ThinkNear drives customers to your business during down times by automatically creating coupons that nearby consumers can view on their mobile phones. It’s a kind of an instant happy hour tool. Whenever things are slow for you, this tool will automatically create discounts and get people in the door.

Easy To Use:

All you have to do is just tell them when you are typically slow and they would start tracking factors that can affect your business, like weather, traffic, and sporting events. So in case next time you face any slow or down time, they would immediately know what to do to bring more customers to your stores and can quickly create a discount to get people in the neighborhood through your door.

How It Works:

You tell them the range of discounts you are able to offer during slow periods. From there they monitor the things that are happening around your neighborhood. When things happen that usually slow down business (like rain or snow) they use a lot of fancy math to determine the level of discount you need to offer to actually get people into your store.

They then automatically create and show this discount to people near your business on their phone. Deals show up as advertisement in popular mobile apps, and consumers can elect to receive real-time alerts. Your discounts are shown to people who are geographically close to your store.

Best Part Is:

Unlike other daily deal sites, this site don’t require you to offer discounts at times that you are already busy. They show you the discounts at different times of the day.

Free To Use:

You can try ThinkNear for free for 3 months. After that it’s $99 a month.

Visionwiz’s Views:

It’s smart idea.We are seeing good potential in this startup.Thumbs up!!!!!

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