Lady Gaga turned VC and invested $7.5m in

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Lady Gaga turned VC and invested $7.5m in

Lady Gaga has put her eye on new social music service( where she has invested chunk of money.According to BI, Lady Gaga & Kanye West are investing around$7.5 million in

What Is Turntable:

Turntable is a new social music service that revolves around listening to music with others, giving thumbs up to tracks you hear that you like, and earning “DJ points” that win you cool new avatars.

How It Works:

Once you join Turntable, you create a virtual DJ avatar that can listen to music or DJ music on stage.

You can enter a DJ room and, if there’s a spot available, start playing music for others using a music search tool which had every song you can think of.

If Turntable doesn’t have the song you want to play, you can upload it. Everyone in the room listens simultaneously, so you can talk about the song via a chat box while the song is playing.People can choose to mark your song “Awesome” or “Lame.” Each “Awesome” gets you DJ points, which you must accumulate in order to buy cooler avatars.If you don’t feel like getting too social on Turntable, you can always create a room of your own and just play as much music as you want for free.

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