Four quick way to read and listen news (every morning) while on go

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Four quick way to read and listen news (every morning) while on go

Four quick way to read and listen news (every morning).


HearInformation: allows anyone to create a customized radio station that plays only the type of news the person is interested in hearing in real time.

Easy To Use:

Simply click the categories you want to hear, and instantly you’ll hear a continuously updated stream of news, commercial free, and ONLY about the things you care to know about.

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Google reader reading apps

Google reader reading apps would help you to listen your feeds in Google reader. It means, now every feeds in your Google reader have a voice of its own. Google reader reading is available in android market. So now let’s your android reads your favorite news for you!

Easy To Use:

For using this apps. First of all you have to select the feeds as given in its Google reader reading box and then click on read button. Before apps start reading, you can also search for feeds from all the subscribed Google reader’s feeds. Once you find right feeds you can click on read button and apps would start reading out loud your feeds.

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News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader to transorm your feeds into audio and video. News Anchor applies text-to-speech technology to present a television-like news broadcast.

News Anchor compiles news shows based on your selection of RSS or ATOM feeds. You group related feeds together as channels and News Anchor will pull data from those RSS feeds and automatically aggregate the articles into channel episodes. You don’t have to be limited by the audio news available in podcasts — you can enjoy your own personalized news broadcast.

More at: NewsAnchor



The 1Cast is based on personalized video news delivery for you on your smart phone.Its web and mobile-based video delivery system enables you to build your own personalized video news feed from a multitude of broadcast and cable news sources around the world, on topics that interest you.You can follow your presidential candidate, favorite celebrity, or sports teams, or track the stock.

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