Five Tools to Find Business Partner for Your Startups

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Five Tools to Find Business Partner for Your Startups

Are you planning for some start-up company? So?Need any partner? Yes? Here are five useful tools that you can use to find perfect business partner for your startups.



With Weebiz you will instantly have access to an easy and free tool to find business partners or clients, share valuable industry information or promote your products and services.

By creating a Weebiz account you are not inserting your company in a mere information deposit. Build your business dedicated space where all content is defined by you: promote your company and its products. Find business proposals, suggest partnerships, report news, follow your favorite members and know who is interested in your offers.

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BeanSprout is changing the way companies do business development by making it more like dating. BeanSprout let’s you passively find highly compatible companies for partnership.

All you have to do is just fill out a partnership profile that they could use to match them with other companies for partnership. They match you with other companies based on your needs using their special algorithmic blend of matchmaking techniques.Once they find right business partners then they would send you all the details in your inbox.And then you just check out your inbox and find partners details

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PartnerUp helps entrepreneurs and businesses find the potential business partners, executives, board members, and skilled employees that they need to make their venture a success.

PartnerUp allows people to network with other members, ask for and offer up advice, and find business resources.

PartnerUp’s resource directory connects PartnerUp members with the products and services that they need for their business.

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StartupCrave is a online community for aspiring and budding Internet entrepreneurs who are looking for partners and co-founders to help launch their first or next great Internet startup.

By becoming a free member, you can search the Cravings directory and see if (and how many) other Internet entrepreneurs are planning a similar startup—in your town, state or country. Beside that,Angel investors, venture capitalists and other financial specialists can become members—and may reach out to other members with promising startup ideas.

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Workedia is a new platform that helps to collaborate in many ways. By using this site you can take advantage of social and group networking, jobs and services marketplace, marketing and promotion, messaging, crowdsourcing, knowledge sharing and many more.

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