4 Smart ways to get reminded about things which you easily forget

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4 Smart ways to get reminded about things which you easily forget

Here are few tools that you can use if you have habit of forgetting things easily.


Geo-Reminders – Location Based Reminders:

Geo Reminders would remind you about your favorite locations when you are just few inches(mts,kms) away from the place. It means, you can get advance alerts about places or things that matter to you. It’s like your wife is calling you every time you forget anything.

For example make your device vibrate and show a message in the tray when close to your parked car, when arriving home or even to another country.

Locations can easily be set up by entering the coordinates (latitude, longitude) manually, using the GPS’s current position or picking it from a map, then specifying how close the reminder will be triggered, and finally the actual message.



OnTime is a location-based calendar application (smartphone app) that securely works with your existing calendar, provides timely reminders, maps your route, notifies you of traffic delays, and can alert your next appointment if you’re running late.

OnTime runs in the background in order to find your location at any given time. It uses a feature called ‘push’ notifications to push an alert out to you. This application is designed in such a way that it has negligible impact to battery life.

OnTime uses location-based technology to securely ping your current location as well as ping traffic along the route to your destination, and then looks at the timing setting you selected to determine how much time is needed to get to your destination. If you chose to be notified 15 minutes before leaving and it takes 30 minutes to get there with no traffic, OnTime will notify you 45 minutes before you need to leave with a pop-up alert.



Remindd is a nifty web application that reminds you of important events that you can’t forget.Remindd is an easy to use tool that allows for you to set reminders and be reminded about them, so you never forget anything.



Parkzing is a parking-ticket reminder system. You give them your license plate number and email address. When they detect that you’ve gotten a new ticket, they’ll send you email reminders untill they see that you’ve paid it.The reminder service is completely free.

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