Reward your loyal fans through Voxbloc

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Reward your loyal fans through Voxbloc

Voxbloc is a popular social rewards loyalty platform that helps you engage and reward your loyal fans. By using this site you can launch a loyalty rewards program for your artist, brand or business within 5 minutes.


VoxBloc gives you the ability to award your fans for spreading the word to their friends on Facebook and Twitter about you, Liking your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter, Checking-In on Foursquare, Uploading photos, Watching content and more! Fans can redeem all their points for anything you’d like to give them.

Easy To Use:

When using VoxBloc for contests, you can give away literally anything. You have the ability to customize how fans can enter your contest. That entry can be via sharing, tweeting or liking or any other action you choose. This will unlock an opportunity for them to enter their information to enter your contest. You can also pick winners instantly or after a pre-defined date.

With Voxbloc’s “Like to Unlock” you are able to lock your program until a user chooses to Like it. Once the user likes your program, they have full access to it. You can add a custom message to pop up describing what happens if they choose to Like your application!

You’ll need to customize your share messages based off your goal of the programs you are creating. This is where you customize the message you want your fans to share on Facebook or Twitter with their friends. It’s suggested to add your incentive in this message to drive fans to your program and share. You can give away discount codes, MP3s, video premieres, physical goods (t-shirts, tickets, posters) and more.

Easy To View:

“My Stuff” and “My Wallet” are where fans can view what badges they have, how many points they’ve earned, how many points their friends have, and more! This is where their personal VoxBloc account lives. You can view a feed of who is doing what on VoxBloc and who is the most active user on the network.

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Very useful for brands and retailers.

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