No time for grocery shopping? Then shop through Aaramshop via facebook a/c

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No time for grocery shopping? Then shop through Aaramshop via facebook a/c

No time for grocery shopping due to your busy lifestyle?Then how about shopping through your facebook a/c?


Here is a site(AaramShop) that aims to help you to buy grocery items via facebook.AaramShop is especially designed keeping in view the modern consumers and shoppers busy lifestyle; who are always short on time and high on stress.

You will find shopping on AaramShop non-intrusive yet social, effortless yet comprehensive and something that can be done at your convenience.

In other words,AaramShop is a a new social way of shopping with your existing neighborhood retailers.It helps them(local retailers) to provide you with a richer and a more convenient shopping experience.


AaramShop is an online retail platform that is completely focused on essentials(daily use) items which we need every day. It aims to deliver you grocery items on your doorsteps via your facebook a/c.One of the key benefits of AaramShop is that you do not need to pay anything on the website and that you pay only when the shopping bag is delivered to you. You make your payments directly to the AaramShop retailer in cash, or by other means like a credit card etc if the same is acceptable to the retailer.

As a shopper you will find the experience effortless, convenient and cost-effective and as a consumer you can shop from comforts of your home or office, or by using any mobile device on the go. All purchases get delivered at home and all payments are made post delivery.

How it Works:

For getting started with this site all you have to do is first register at AaramShop. You can either use your Facebook Username and Password or create a new one just for using AaramShop. After you finish the 1st step of the free registration process, you will get a confirmation code (e.g. AARAM-ABCDE) on your mobile phone.

Then you need to enter the full confirmation code along with you your mobile number into the verify code section. This completes the one time registration process for AaramShop and you can go right ahead and enjoy the aaram way of shopping.

The registration process is mandatory for being in a position to select your preferred AaramShop and place your orders on it. You can however, fill up your shopping bag prior to your registration

Best Part Is:

This site encourages consumers to share their opinions and experiences about the various products and brands listed on AaramShop with their friends and the larger shopper community on AaramShop. At every step of the way, you will have choices not only of the products and brands, but also of the AaramShop that you wish to engage with thereby ensuring a more in-control experience.

Other good thing is that it’s a free to use service for both the consumers and partner retailers.It means that there is no extra cost for essentials items when you use(or purchase items)through AaramShop.

Visionwiz’s Views:

What struck us most about this start-up is that you can pay the money (only)once grocery items reach at your doorsteps through cash or credit card.It means no online payment.This thing will appeal to users.Our suggestion is that they should cover more cities as soon as possible.We feel this kind of site can work in most of the metro cities.From business point of view we cannot say much.Let’s wait and watch.

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