Know which thing leads you to maximum stress via Stress tracking tool

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Know which thing leads you to maximum stress via Stress tracking tool

Ravi and Reena had a chat while going back home from office.

Ravi:My stress level increase every day due to long working hours in office?

Reena: Is it so?


Reena: I would suggest you to try “Stress Pile”.

Ravi:Never heard of such kind of pile?

Reena: It is a very useful tool to monitor your stress level.

Ravi:Can you explain me?

Reena: By using this Stress pile, you have the chance to easily save your stress, track your Stress and find the ways to treat your stress in the right order of your choice.You can use StressPile for everything from school, work to your personal life and everything else in between.

It’s a way to look into your past private and personally to help you start to eliminate your stressors for a healthy stress free life without the aid of medication.

Ravi: It mean that Stress Pile can benefit anyone who is looking to pin point and visually see whats stressing them the most at that moment or over time.

Reena: Ya.Exactly.

Ravi: How It works?

Reena:StressPile will play a personal audio recording or image when your stress is highest and guide you back to the present moment.Stress Levels range from 1 being the least of your stress to 10 being the greatest. When entering your stress, you will have to choose from 1-10 to let your self know how stressed you were at that particular moment.

Best Part Is:

You can review your past stress inputs in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report formats to get insight about activities leading you toward specific feelings.

Tracking you stress can help you avoid doing the same things over and over than can leave to depression, anxiety and a lot of other medical illnesses.

Here is a video demo:

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