Jet lag? Job Stress? Mood Swings? Then Use Valkee light emitting earplugs

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Jet lag? Job Stress? Mood Swings? Then Use Valkee light emitting earplugs

Facing mood swings problem? Why? Due to work pressure or family pressure? In many cases, it’s our hyperactivity that is cause for mood swings. However, it could be happen due to hormonal change as well.

According to wikipedia, Mood swings are commonly associated with mood disorders including bipolar disorder (manic depression) and depression. Another major factor in mood swings can be hyperactivity or hyperactivity/inattentiveness as is sometimes seen in ADHD.

So do you want to prevent your mood swings before going to your office?

Here is a new gadget (Valkee headset) that might help you to prevent your mood swings. Valkee’s brain stimulation headset is based on new findings in brain science and bright light therapy. The Valkee bright light headset activates the human brain and prevent your mood swings.

What is it all about?

The Valkee light emitting earplugs prevent and treat mood swings, and circadian rhythm disorders, by bringing safe bright light to photosensitive regions of the brain. 8-12 minutes a day provides the needed amount of light daily.

Valkee especially relieves symptoms like tiredness, anxiety and reduced cognitive performance typical for ‘winter blues’. In clinical trials, 9 of 10 participants suffering from severe symptoms experienced a total relief.

When To Use:

Start using Valkee in the morning preferably 30-60 minutes after waking up. If you do not realize positive results after 3-5 days, use Valkee 1-2 hours prior to going to bed in the evening.

Basic Idea:

Valkee has shown that the human brain is photosensitive, that bright light via the ear canal stimulates the brain, and that such stimulation is effective to treat mood conditions like anxiety, tiredness and reduced cognitive performance in ‘winter blues’ – all new and revolutionary results.

Research was started in the University of Oulu in 2007, and has included over 20 scientists and 350 study subjects, making it one of the largest programs in bright light.

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