Would you like to meet your social networking friends in real life (in offline world)? Try Zenergo

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Would you like to meet your social networking friends in real life (in offline world)? Try Zenergo

Online life or virtual life is good option(if you’re alone at home or at some remote places) to connect with your friends or family but still it cannot match real life(or real world) meetings or talk.

So,would you like to meet your social networking friends in real life (in offline world)?

Here is a new site that aims to bring all your social networking friends or groups into real offline world.

Zenergo allows users to interact with their online social network just like in their real-life offline world by creating separate social circles, groups and events matching their real-life interests, behavior and privacy preferences. Zenergo’s integrated social tools eliminate the need to participate in multiple other website services (such as online photos, invitations, calendars, groups, contact managers and friend finders).

In other words, Zenergo provides a simple, safe, and free network for managing your social life, exploring new real-world activities and friends, and creating and managing events and groups of any size…all from one website.


Zenergo is an Activities-based social network that brings together people who share common interests so they can go out and do things. It is offering over 300 popular activities, plus features to form groups and events, maintain an activity calendar, and post your activity pictures. And it’s free!

Zenergo is a place for your favorite activities, and where you can find new activities to explore. You can partner with your existing friends, and find new people and groups to share your favorite activities: people to go jogging with, play tennis with, go to Bingo or go on a camping trip, form a league or form a team, run a group or throw an event.

Easy To Use:

Enter your name, your valid email address. Enter your location: a zip code or an address will let them match you up with people, groups, and events in your local area.

Enter your birth date information, so they can provide you with age-appropriate access to content and connections. Then click your gender, as some groups and events may be gender-specific, and some members may have a gender preference for activity partners. Once you have done this then you can start meeting with people in real world.

Best Part Is:

Best thing is: it can be used with other a/c as well.From your Facebook account to your Google account or your account with Microsoft Live/Hotmail, or your account with Yahoo. A popup window will ask you for permission to connect that account with Zenergo.

Privacy Protected:

Your membership and profile information on Zenergo is not visible to the outside world – a Web search engine won’t find your personal profile page on Zenergo.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Meeting online friends into offline world.Not bad idea.But,this sort of site are already been launched.Let’s see how this site perform.

More at:http://www.zenergo.com/

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