Working abroad?Missing your kids & family? Try Let’s Play Please

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Working abroad?Missing your kids & family? Try Let’s Play Please

Do you miss your family & kids while working away from home? So, would you like to get connected with them in some funny way?

Imagine how interesting it would be if you can play &connect with your kids &families while working in office, traveling abroad or living abroad alone.

Let me put it another way, suppose you are living & working in USA while your family &kids are in India. Then how you reach them?Through phone or internet.Right?

But, in most of the cases chatting are quite formal like hi, how are you, what are you doing etc. And kids never say more than “hi” to you.

While if you would have at home then you could have more fun with your family& kids.


So, what’s the solution?

How about creating some virtual playing space which can engage your kids & family in more funnier way.


Just check out this new site named Let’s Play. Let’s Play Please main goal is to help to develop and maintain an emotional and social connection between kids and their family members through activities shared in the virtual space.

Idea is quite simple to play & connect with your kids & families in such a way as you’re at home not away from home.

Let’s Play Please brings a great tool to catch the attention of your kids for more than just few seconds. Everybody involve in the video chat will enjoy that time and, more importantly, they will “connect”.

Best Thing Is:

All the activities are not only fun but they are also age-appropriate for little ones and educational. Through the activities this site try to promote good manners and habits, ecological choices, healthy foods and sharing concepts between other great ones.
The activities are super easy to play and most of the time they will be self guided. The important part in this virtual playroom is to communicate, not to spend time trying to understand or follow an activity.

Easy To Use:

For using it, all you have to do is to go at virtual playroom and register for free then invite family and friends by email to join their web site or by account name if they already have an account with Let’s Play Please.

Now start playing virtual games through video conferencing. Just choose a family member or friend from your list of contacts and call that person through their system. Select whatever the activity or game you want to play and have a more fun with your kids.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Interesting concept.

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