Wawadoo: Personal Recommendation engine for events

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Wawadoo: Personal Recommendation engine for events

Are you promoting events for your organization?Or,are you looking for events to participate in?So, have you not been able to decide which is best events for you?

Here is a solution for you.Just check out this new site named Wawadoo.Wawadoo would help you to find out those events which is relevant to you(which suits your interest).

It’s just one part,it would also help events organizer to target their events to right people. Wawadoo is the recommendation engine for events.

Wawadoo will find out who your target market is, where your targer market is and how to speak to them.

Wawadoo is all about telling only the people who are exicted to hear about an activity. They know who they are and they know how to speak to them.


Wawadoo recommends the events that people care about. It’s a kind of promotions tool that makes it easy to speak to the people who want to attend events. Wawadoo works for concerts, art galleries, universities, zoos, sports teams, charities, and lots of other organizations.

Easy To Use:

Just login and you’ll see a list of events in your city. From there, each time you vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on an event the system will respond with increasingly accurate recommendations on things you’ll love to do.

Best Part Is

On Wawadoo, it’s FREE to begin promoting events. Just create an account, confirm it, and you’re free to begin posting your events to the system.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Useful tool for events.

More at:http://www.wawadoo.com/

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