Tabblr-keep track of the activities and deals that interest you

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Tabblr-keep track of the activities and deals that interest you

No need to worry about activities and deals coming tomorrow, a week from now or months down the road.Just use this new site named tabblr. Tabblr would help you to see all the activities and deals around you happening right now or within the day. Tabblr is designed to allow you to keep track of the activities and deals that interest you from multiple businesses anywhere in the United States.

It is combining three concepts into one that is: business promotion,activities based (fun events) and groupon like model for deals.

Tabblr helps you discover new places by giving detailed information about businesses and the locations they are at. Tabblr is designed to be used with a location sensor based device such as a smart phone or tablet. But Tabblr also works on any computer or laptop with a browser.


Tabblr is here to help you locate activities to do anytime and anywhere. If you are a busy person and want to keep track of these activities for later, or if you want to share the activities with friends, use the My Tab! My Tab will show you the details of the activities you are interested in, allow you to share the information with friends by Facebook or Twitter, and also allow you to keep track of the deals associated with the activities.

Best Thing Is:

The activity lists highlight the business location nearest to you. If there is more than one location for the activity within your search filter, they can be shown by expanding the section below the nearest location. If you would like to see more locations, make sure you enter the city closest to the store you’re looking for and try expanding the search range.

Visionwiz’s Views:

This tool could be quite useful for all those organisations who want to promote their business events actively.Tabblr allows you to publish your activities and deals to millions of people on the go with their smart phones, tablets or laptops. It means that people on the go, on vacation or just passing by can all view your business activities or deals.

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