Alerts you to unauthorized transactions on your credit card & debit card bills:BillGuard

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Alerts you to unauthorized transactions on your credit card & debit card bills:BillGuard

How many times did you find unauthorized transactions via your credit cards or debit cards? Or how many times do you feel that you have been duped by companies (hidden charges etc)? Many times? Such type of incidents is quite common indeed. So do you want to get rid of such kind of situations?

I mean to say that do you want to avoid any kind of errors on billing,(or hidden charges) while purchasing or(doing) transactions.


Here is a new startup that aims for guarding your personal credit cards and debit cards to avoid any unauthorized transactions or errors. It would alert you instantly if any unauthorized transactions happen on your credit cards or debit cards.


BillGuard is a personal finance security service that alerts you to unwanted and unauthorized transactions on your credit card and debit card bills.

Easy To Use:

All you have to is to just register your cards that you want to be guarded or protected by them. Once you registered with them then Billguard would start scanning your card activity daily for hidden charges, billing errors, forgotten subscriptions, scams and fraud, and alerts you via email when your attention is required.

Each new transaction is analyzed by over 100 automated tests. BillGuard also scours the web for complaints posted by others about similar charges and merchants that appear on your bills.

A scan report is emailed to you monthly, providing a quick overview of BillGuard’s findings and an indication of how clean your cards are. Alerts are emailed immediately, giving you the peace of mind to use your cards freely.

Visionwiz’s Views:

I feel security startups have a brighter future.This space have a big potential.As far as this startups concern it seems to have brighter future as well.Most of the investors and advisors who have backed McAfee, Verisign, LinkedIn, Skype and Twitter are backing this startup. It’s already been selected at TC disrupts events.

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