Wikando – Social movement for corporate engagement on the internet

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Wikando – Social movement for corporate engagement on the internet


Wikando is the social movement for corporate engagement on the internet. By using this site any individuals, companies or institutions can support any social projects of their choice by money, donations in kind or spendig their time for cause.

Companies and institutions which are conscious of their social responsibility should get involved with social projects on wikando as well as individuals who want to spent their time for good cause.

By doing so all of us would be aware about social project which is on wikando .Moreover that would also help us to know that all our donation is transmitted to the chosen social project.

How It Works:

Everybody who needs support can register as ‘Project’. Regional and international projects, from small microprojects to big organziations, every project can experience encouragement by ambitious individuals and companies. A private person who wants to support the projects and the community can join as ‘Individual’ and therewith makes his contribution to society.

Entrepreneurs can present their ‘Company’ and can extend their engagement biographie by being comitted to wikando and assure a positive public perception.

Visionwiz Views:

Very useful for non-profit cause.

More at:http://www.wikando.com/

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