Some Secrets about Royal Wedding’s couples

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Some Secrets about Royal Wedding’s couples

Royal Wedding of Prince Williams & Kate Middleton is just about to begin in London.

Entire world is hooked to this event.So,how about knowing some hidden secrets about Royal Wedding’s couples?

Like how they met or what they said when they first saw each other etc.

Here are some secrets:

Do you know what Prince William has done (at first)after seeing Kate? He has changed his “just friends” status to “She’s hot!” right after seeing Kate Middleton runway walk on charity event in her college.

And do you know how Kate met prince Williams? Kate actually met the prince before college when William attended her school hockey game.

Prince William honestly said he was interest in Kate from the very moment he saw her.

He said that when he met Kate first time he knew there was definitely something special about her. He wanted to explore his first impression and he simply proposes her friendship in the very beginning and it was a good sort of foundation for his present relationships with Kate.

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