Priority based alerts:Get instant alerts on any price drop of products

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Priority based alerts:Get instant alerts on any price drop of products

In a week, how many times do you shop online? Many times? Then this new site (PriceDropAlert) might help you a lot. As it can provide you instant alerts on any price drop of products. It is tracking deals from over 38 million products from over 2000 top stores.

You may ask. What’s so special about this startup company? This type of companies are already on internet.

Well, only thing that separate this site from others is: You can get information about only those( price drop of) products, which you want. It means that its priority based alerts. You would not bombard with all the products alerts on net. Instead only those products or offerings, which you choose and set for alert.

Price Drop Alert:

Pricedropalert would help you to add products into your Alert list. You will get an email when that product is available at a cheaper price.

Easy To Use:

First of all, find the products which you want to get alert of (they are tracking 38million products) and then just click on set alert link on their site. After doing this just enter your name and email address. And now you’re ready to use the site .Just check your email box and find the cheapest items available in the market.

Best Part Is:

It is also providing you promotional codes, online coupons, coupon code, deals and special saving offers from thousands of online stores. It means you can save a lot while using this site.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Nice useful tool.I think they should also provide this alert via sms.In that way this site can be more effective.

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