How to pick undervalued stocks through Vuru

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How to pick undervalued stocks through Vuru

Want to pick undervalued stocks? But, don’t know how to pick undervalued stocks? Not to worry anymore. Try this site named Vuru. Vuru is a web application that helps individual investors pick high quality, undervalued stocks.


Vuru aims to help you to pick undervalued stocks. Vuru calculates the value of companies, determines their strengths and weaknesses, and identifies investment-worthy stocks.

Investing Approach:

Vuru’s value investing is not about predicting the future of stocks. Instead its just about buying stocks at a profit.

It means that value investors buy stocks that are fundamentally undervalued, usually by a margin of at least 30-50%. Vuru takes the legwork out of this process by doing the analysis for you and telling you what it means, making value investing accessible to many individual investors who otherwise wouldn’t have the time to analyze value stocks.

Vuru would grade stocks as per their parameters. Vuru Grade is the Vuru point system for stocks. It scores stocks out of 100 based on a variety of factors including Valuation, Pricing Power, Cash Return on Invested Capital, its Balance Sheet and more.

Vuru currently allows you to screen for stocks based on the these criteria::3 Types of Valuation (Growth Price, Stability Price, Net Current Asset Price),cash return on Invested capital, return on equity, balance sheet quality, dividend history, business performance, pricing power, competitive advantage, retained earnings growth, capital intensity, stock buyback history, market capitalization and last but not the least overall Vuru Grade.

Visionwiz’s Views:

This sort of finance sites are already in the market.Let’s see how this site grow..

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