How to become as super-rich as Bill Gates?Know through your Face

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How to become as super-rich as Bill Gates?Know through your Face

What is the shape of your nose ? What sort of lips you have? Have you deep wide open eyes?Don’t be surprised.

I’m not asking these(above) questions because I want to marry someone?

I’m asking these questions because I can tell you (by knowing your facial features) how much richer you could be in near future.


Actually, we have found one interesting study report, which says that our facial features can determine our wealth prospects. It means that you can determine yourself that if you could be richer or not in coming future.All you have to do is just check shape, size and angles of (your)face.

For Example:

Flared eyebrows – enjoys the limelight and is very creative.

Roman nose – has an eye for a bargain, very cost conscious and a desire for money.

Sloped back forehead – quick to respond and can think on their feet.

Report:, which operates over 300 regional job boards across the UK, analysed the faces of the UK’s most successful billionaire men and women and has revealed that certain facial features are surprisingly common amongst the super-rich.

Using internationally-renowned personologist and author of ‘What Makes People Tick’, Naomi Tickle, scrutinised the likes of Roman Abramovich, Lakshmi Mittal and Heineken heir Charlene Carvalho and can now reveal which facial features could make you a business high-flyer.

Men possessing the Roman nose (e.g. Sir Phillip Green), wide set eyes (e.g. Lakshmi Mittal) and flared nostrils (e.g. Roman Abramovich and Duke of Westminster) could be destined for wealth and business success.

Women with long philtrums (e.g. Lady Green), high foreheads (e.g. Dame Mary Perkins) and flared eyebrows (e.g. Charlene Carvalho) could also be set for board-room domination.


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