Find most loyal user for your brand:CrowdTwist

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Find  most loyal user  for your brand:CrowdTwist

CrowdTwist is a new tool for building brand loyalty for your products. It would allow any users to earn points for any activity they perform online, both on your site and wherever else your brand lives. It means even if your consumers are not on your website even then they could be engaged with your brand.


If you are promoting some kind of products then it must be appearing at many sites, where you had deemed fit to advertise.


So, what this site(Crowdtwist) would do for your brand is: It would engage your users or consumers at that same place wherever your brand is appearing.Not only that,it would also find most loyal user for your brand and would reward them real things(like discounts,special offers etc).

Crowd Twist’s loyalty programs would help to combine any online presence (of yours) into a singular, revenue-driving platform.

How It Works:

Whoever use its loyalty program, have to compete against themselves and others to prove dedication to your brand and move closer to earning unique rewards, prize packages and discounts, all the while driving significantly more engagement, brand interaction and revenue.

Best Part Is:

User levels and badges are awarded based on their number of points and evolving engagement activities. These points can then be used for real world rewards and discounts, not just a virtual good.

Business Model:

CrowdTwist is eyeing on fast-growing virtual currency market by allowing users to purchase points to earn rewards more quickly. This is a brand new revenue stream for many clients. Besids that,CrowdTwist provides you points-based CPA/CPC sponsorship packages offering a new avenue for advertisers to reach your audience.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Idea is quite good. It’s one of the best idea for creating a brand engagement for your products at any place on internet.

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