Discover new routes and paths for your journey through game

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Discover new routes and paths for your journey through game

Are you living in London and using Oyster card(travel card) for daily journeys within a city? So, have you ever wished to explore your city in depth? Like exploring new routes, places or hidden stories about the places you visit or pass on daily?

If yes then play this game Chromaroma while traveling in tunnel or tube. It is developed by Mudlark.

(Mudlark) are building ways to create entertaining games from the data we create and leave behind without noticing. With our mobile phones, smart cards, blogs, social networking, flickr-ing and twittering we are creating endless content and data trails as we journey through our lives.So,why not use these technology to our advantange?

Mudlark is creating a new game for all oyster cardholders to find and discover their city in very different way. It would help you to build communities with your fellow passengers to discover new routes and paths for your journey.


Chromaroma is a game that shows you your movements and location as you swipe your Oyster Card.

In Company’s Own Words:

Chromaroma is an online multiplayer game played out as you travel the city of London with your Oyster Card. By using Oyster data ,they can show you your Tube travel, and every journey means you amass points, taking a few steps further along the way to owning London

Basic Idea:

It connects communities of people who cross paths and routes on a regular basis, and encourages people to make new journeys and use public transport in a different way by exploring new areas and potentially using different modes of public transport.

How It Works:

Chromaroma is about collecting the most points possible. By watching your own travel details you can investigate interesting new ways to travel and exciting new destinations in order to get more points. Grab “multipliers” and bonus points by working with a team, building up connections with fellow passengers and discovering mysteries that are attached to locations on your routes.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Interesting concept.It can attract daily passengers.Our suggestion.They should cover more city and countries.

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