Could real time search be next big money spinner for Google?

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Could real time search be next big money spinner for Google?

As you know we at Visionwiz always thrust on the importance of real time information. In our view, it could be one of the most used features in online world.

Google and other search engines have also sensed its potential and now you can see most of them are including real time search results for any queries on their sites.

Real time search markets could be huge. And if Google use it smartly then who knows it could be next big money spinner for Google.

Not joking just go through the research(given below).

Here is a report:

The researchers, who released their results in the online version of Information Processing and Management, examined six months of real-time search queries from the database of Collecta, a real-time search engine. Queries are words and phrases that people plug into search engines to find information.

After separating duplicate searches to find unique search terms, they determined the value of the real-time search terms by using Google Adwords Traffic Estimator. This calculator estimates how valuable ads might be. More commonly used search terms typically are more expensive for advertisers.

The idea behind this, then, is if these real-time searches were performed on any given day on Google, what would that traffic be worth,” said Jansen.

Of the 1,005,296 total queries, researchers determined that 297,392, or 30 percent, were unique queries. Approximately 52 percent of the unique searches had economic value. If the searches were presented on a Google search results page, the researchers estimated people would click the resulting ads generated by the search more than 6.4 million times a day and generate approximately $33,023,320 in revenue from those clicks.

The market for real-time search is likely to grow. The number of Twitter updates — tweets — has increased 1,000 percent in about a year, according to Jansen, who worked with Zhe Liu, graduate student in information sciences and technology; Courtney Weaver, undergraduate student in information sciences and technology; and Gerry Campbell and Matthew Gregg, both of Collecta.

Jansen said the figures indicate a market exists for real-time search.

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