Apps for 3-D printing via iPhone:Trimensiona

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Have you used 3-D printing yet? No. Why? Because it is too complicated to use.

Well, here is a one new apps( Trimensiona)that can make it easy for you(to print in 3-D).It can instantly capture 3D models of yourself, friends, and family, and share the amazing results with the world.

Grant Schindler has created one of the world’s first 3-D scanner apps for iPhone.

How It Works:

Trimensional uses both the screen and the front-facing camera on your iOS device, detecting patterns of light reflected off your face to build a true 3D model.You can view your face from any angle, and customize the look of the 3D rendering before sending it off to all of your friends.

After model appear on screen,this apps export printable file through your email.

And now you’re ready to use 3-D printing from your iphone.


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