Tango-Make a free mobile video calls anywhere in world

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Tango-Make a free mobile video calls anywhere in world

Do you want to make a free mobile video calls ? Just anywhere in world?Then try “Tango”.Tango would help you to make a free mobile video calls just anywhere in world.Tango works with an iPhone or Android phone to make free mobile video calls over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to their friends and family around the world.


Tango is free video calling service that connects people around the world with friends and family from wherever they are. Free video calls can be made by anyone who has downloaded Tango to their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android devices. Whether you’re out and about, at home, or in the office, Tango for all your calls because you never know where the conversation will take you.

Easy To Use:

You can download Tango free( its free download software).For using it just download and register first.Then with a single tap you can invite your friends through email or a text message to Tango with you. Your friends will receive a personal invite from you and once they register, you can Tango immediately. If your friends already have Tango installed on their phone, their name appears in your Tango Contacts list. Just tap their name and start to Tango.Tango can be found in the App Store and Android Market.

Best Part Is:

Tango uses your data network to place video calls and does not use up the minutes of your calling plan. If you have purchased an unlimited data plan, then your mobile provider will not charge you for using Tango. If you have a plan that limits your data consumption, then on average, approximately 2GB of data will be used if you make 450 minutes of video calls over 3G or 4G. Or connect over Wi-Fi for free calls wherever you are!

Use Tango In Any Country:

If you want to use Tango when traveling or moving to a different country, you need to change the country name in Tango ‘Settings’ by tapping on ‘Country Code’ (iPhone and Android phones) or ‘Country’ (iPod touch and iPad) on the profile page

Visionwiz’s Views:

This start up can grow fast as they are using unique peer-to-peer and video compression technologies that would allow the service to scale to hundreds of millions of users with low infrastructure cost.

Apart from that,Eric(founder of Tango) is one of the world’s leading experts in peer-to-peer video streaming and video compression and even wrote the first book on the subject.Considering these kind of backing this startups seems to have a great potential.

It’s already downloaded by 8 million people across the world.Beside that people have made 140 years of video calls or 73,584,000 minutes using Tango.It’s not less achievment in such a short time.

We feel, in coming future they might be able to attract big VC funding .Thumbs up!

More at:http://www.tango.me/

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