Shutl – Get delivery in minutes for any online shopping

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Shutl – Get delivery in minutes for any online shopping

Why would you ever use and wait around for a standard slow and inconvenient delivery service when you could get your purchases sent to you immediately or at a time that suited you?


Just Use Shutl.


Shutl connects retailers with local same-day courier companies. Shutl picks the best carrier for each delivery, weighing up a combination of price and past performance to ensure the optimum service every time. The selected carrier then collects the purchase from the consumer’s local store and delivers it straight to their home or office.

Best part Is:

Shutl provides tracking emails that enable consumers to track their deliveries in real time on a GPS-enabled map.Shutl allows retailers to offer consumers cost-effective immediate delivery or delivery at a time of their choosing.

Shutl is not like the ‘same-day’ delivery services offered recently by several online retailers. These services often require shoppers to order before an early cut-off time to get delivery during a lengthy delivery window that evening. They also come at a fairly significant cost. By comparison, Shutl offers delivery in minutes (or at a time of your choice) for a cost that is comparable to standard delivery.

Intersting Features:

“Shutl now” means that they will send your purchase to you straight away. This usually means within 90 minutes, however it may be longer depending upon the distance and the vehicle type required for the delivery. Shutl will let you know the exact time promise in your confirmation e-mail.

“Shutl later” allows you to choose a convenient 1 hour delivery window either on the same day or any day in the future. For example when you get home from work, or whilst you’re available at your desk between meetings.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Very useful for online retailers and online consumers.

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