Now you can find Mozart’s oldest manuscript online

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Now you can find Mozart’s oldest manuscript online

Music is messenger of God. Music is soul of nature. As Aldous huxley once put it, “after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”.

Well, are you also one of them who cannot live without good music?

Yes? Ok, then ,let me ask you one question, “who is your favorite music composer of all time?”


Then, good news is, now you can access Mozart’s music online. Now you can find Mozart’s oldest manuscript online.

How? Music Treasures Consortium has created a platform where we can find oldest manuscripts of music genius like Mozart.

Music Treasures Consortium provides online access to the world’s most valued music manuscripts and print materials, held at the most renowned music archives, in order to further research and scholarship.

Great place for music scholars:
Researchers can search or browse materials, access metadata about each item, and view digital images of the treasure via each custodial archive’s Web site. The consortial collection will grow as members add more materials.

The Library of Congress is hosting the consortium Web site which gives bibliographic information on each item; access to the digital items is provided through links to the holding library’s own Web site. Since each library provides bibliographic information for its items, the amount of information in each record may vary according to each institution’s practice.

Mozart Music Online

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