Now Use Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn From Your Email Inbox

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Now Use Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn From Your Email Inbox

What things you do most while using internet? According to some data, around 60% of time on internet, we spend on social networking sites like facebook, twitter or quora etc. Despite the popularity of social networking sites, email is still the first priority for most of internet users. Am I right?

Now coming to the point. Imagine if you can use these popular social networking services at one place.


Just use “PowerInbox”. With PowerInbox, email is now an open platform that can support apps from your favorite sites – LinkedIn, Quora, eBay etc, and many more.


PowerInbox, is a new tool that aims for multipurpose service. Using this tool, you can send and receive facebook messages, twitter messages from your inbox,q&a for quora from your inbox.

It means ,you can access facebook in your email – not just your notification emails, but your actual wall, comments, messages etc. Facebook lives in your email!

Best Part Is:

PowerInbox lets you edit your email in real time even after you’ve sent them out.

Visionwiz’s Views:

With real time services are ruling the internet world.This new add on for your email inbox is certanly best for you.Now onwards,you would never miss a bit (what’s happening around net)while surfing your emails,as you can send and recieve real time messages from your inbox.Biggest usp of this new startup is,it is integrating almost all major social networking sites,from linkedin,quora,facebook and twitter etc.Thumbs up.

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