Now Tweet From Any Page By Just Right Clicking In Chorme

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Now Tweet From Any Page By Just Right Clicking In Chorme

Now we can say tweeting is way of life.We use twitter for expressing any thing( like news,views,anger,emotions,like,dislikes,,happiness, frustration and many more such things).

Tweeting is such a habit that we want to tweet as quickly as possible if found anything interesting to share.

Well,now coming to the point.So,do you ever wish to tweet from any place without going to your twitter page.

Imagine how useful it would if you can tweet on the spot without leaving your page.

Did not understand?

Let me explain:

Suppose,you are surfing some sites and you like some part of websites like (its links,images,few interesting lines or anything else).In that situation,what you would do if you want to tweet those things?

In normal situation,you would have to go at twitter page log in first then you would be able to share those links and images.

Right? Any other option? Yes .We have.TweetRight for you.Try this tool.

For what?What is it all about?TweetRight is an extension for Google Chorme.


Using this tool from chorme extension you can tweet anything by just right clicking on the page.Just highlight the things which you want to tweet and select.

It means ,you can share images, links, webpages and selected text on right from the context menu (Right Click Menu).It is also supporting Twitter’s URL shortening service.

Install here

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