Linkedin’s new job portal for recent graduates and students

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Linkedin’s new job portal for recent graduates and students

Are you recently graduated from college and looking for jobs? Ok. Now tell me.Are you on LinkedIn?Yes?

Then good news is, now LinkedIn would help you to find a job as quickly as possible.


Because LinkedIn is coming out with a new job portal for students and recent graduates.

This portal by LinkedIn would provide you easy access to entry-level jobs and internships at some of the best companies in the world.

Some Features:

LinkedIn would recommend you job according to your education and interests, they’ll recommend jobs specifically targeted to you – right on your home page or with optional email alerts.

By using this job portal just connect to fellow students and see where they’ve found jobs, reach out to alumni whose companies are hiring, and leverage the networks of your parents, family friends or mentors.

Linkedin Company Pages on its job portal provide rich insights to help you explore where you want to work.

You can learn whom companies hire frequently and why, what products and services they sell, what professionals are saying about them, and who you know who works there.

Linkedin’s job portal for recent graduates and students


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