Flats on rent- Exclusive renting community for corporate professionals

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Flats on rent-  Exclusive renting community for corporate professionals

Flatsonrent aims for fulfilling the rental flat needs of corporate professional.Flatsonrent aims at providing you a platform wherein flat owners and prospective renters can interact directly without the interference of any property agent.


It is an exclusive community, which can be accessed only by corporate professionals keen on letting out their owned flats or looking for a flat on rent. It is an effort to bring together the people of various organizations to share rental flats information and connect to each other.

Easy To Use:

Join the flatsonrent community by signing up with your corporate email Id. Fill in the property listing form and make your flat visible to other community members. Beside that you can search flats directly posted by flat owners and post your requirements to receive matching flats information straight in your mailbox.
Receive Emails with details of members interested in your flat. If you posted a requirement, receive notifications about new flat listings matching your requirements. Once you find a flat of your interest, share your contact details by sending an email to the flat owner.

If your company is not available in the flatsonrent database, you will be routed to the ‘Add Company’ page at the time of Sign Up. Once you have entered your company details, our team will add your company in the Flatsonrent database after necessary scrutiny. Upon addition of your company details in the flatsonrent database, you will be registered as a community member automatically and shall receive an email regarding the same.

Best Part Is:

To restrict the access of Flatsonrent database only to flat owners and flat onlookers, you are required to provide your corporate email id. Only those users whose company domain is available in the www.flatsonrent.com list of companies can register as a member and access data.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Useful for corporate professionals.No middle man or broker that’s the usp of site.We feel it should work as it is aiming in niche segment.

More at:http://www.flatsonrent.com/

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