Convert your RSS feeds into videos & get personalized tv news

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Convert your RSS feeds into videos & get personalized tv news

What medium you prefer for reading news in morning? Tv news, newspaper or internet? Tell me? In today’s time, when time is as short as lion in jungle(forest), nobody want to spend much time on reading lengthy newspaper articles. Instead, we love to hear news that saves our time.


But, tv news is not enough for everybody .Especially if you want to explore news in depth.

Right? So what’s the solution?

Well, imagine a tool that can read out newspaper article and convert your RSS feeds into videos, would not that be quite interesting & useful for you?


We have spotted a new tool that would turn your RSS feeds into videos. It is named as “News Anchor”. News Anchor presents you with a personalized television-style news broadcast to suit your taste.
News Anchor relieves you from needing to use the mouse or keyboard to get to the next article in your reading list


News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader to transorm your feeds into audio and video. News Anchor applies text-to-speech technology to present a television-like news broadcast.

How exactly it works:

News Anchor compiles news shows based on your selection of RSS or ATOM feeds. You group related feeds together as channels and News Anchor will pull data from those RSS feeds and automatically aggregate the articles into channel episodes. You don’t have to be limited by the audio news available in podcasts — you can enjoy your own personalized news broadcast.

Best Part Is:

Users may customize the broadcast by selecting which feeds that they subscribe to. News Anchor works on low-bandwidth connection or even when you are off-line so that you don’t have to experience “net lagging” while watching your favorite news shows.

Sample video how it would look like:

Visionwiz’s Views:

Considering today’s lifestyle this tool would be quite handy for all busy working professionals.Internet users would latch on this tool.Thumbs up.

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