Visualize how your income taxes are spent

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Visualize how your income taxes are spent

Every year we pay taxes to government. But, do we know how or where our paid taxes money spent? No idea? Would you like to know how your taxed money spent by government? Check out below:

Google has announced the interesting challenges for those people who can visualize how their paid tax money spent. Participant can win around$10000 dollar if he or she visualize it in correct manner. For knowing about the challenge, check last paragraph of article.

Before participating in the challenge, you need to check out this tool named “WhatWePayFor”.

For what? For getting fair idea about how your tax money spent.


Chekout this website named “WhatWePayFor”.It is kind of site that would help you track your paid tax money.Or,can help you to find out how your money is being used by govermnet.It aims to make government spending more understandable so that citizens can be better informed.The core of is a suite of analytical tools that organize the Federal Government budget data in a user-friendly way.


It would help you to easily browse the federal budget and see where the amount of money you contribute through taxes is being spent.

How It Works:

They use publicly available federal budget data from the Government Printing Office website and built a database model that organizes it making it easy to browse by year, spending type, bureau/agency, and function/subfunction.

The Challenge: Visualize how your individual federal income taxes are spent.

In the challenge,they would provide you the numbers; you make them speak to them. Their jury will be awarding $10,000, including $5,000 for the top submission.

Visualize your taxes

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