Try Out 3D Designer Wall For Your Office

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Try Out 3D Designer Wall For Your Office

Want to try out some new innovative interiors designs for your office? Have you ever seen 3D designer walls ? No? So? Would you like to try out some such type of innovative designs for your office? Then check out this new 3 dimensional designer wall panel from 3D Walldecor.

3D Designer Wall For Your Office:

3DWalldecor wall panels are designed as wall decorations. 3D-wall panels are suitable for both small and large surfaces and can be used to create various 3D effects .The exciting effects of light and shadows transforms the walls into spatial eye-catchers.

If necessary, the wall panels are easily replaced. After application, the wall panels can be painted in any colour. It’s also possible to leave the panels in their original off-white state.

Easy To Use:

3D-wall panels are mainly made of bamboo paper pulp. The panels can be applied either permanently or temporarily. For permanent use of wall,you can use (removable) glue or a strong wallpaper paste for heavy vinyl or other similar materials. Other glues for heavier wallpaper can also be applied to the back of the panels depending on the instructions of the supplier in question. If a temporary application is needed, you can use it by adding double-sided foam tape.

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