Now fans can guide the record label’s decisions and artists’ careers

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Now fans can guide the record label’s decisions and artists’ careers

Do you love music?So,which record lables are you following?Many?Would you like to join your favorite record label?Why? To become a part of record label business and its decision making process.


Check out this new site named “Crowdbands”.Crowdbands is one of its kind site that would help you to involve in all aspects of record label business (like how music is made, released and played).

In Company’s Own Words:

Crowdbands is the first record label driven by the decisions of its members.It means now every fans and members had an opportunity to directly affect how music is made, released and played. In other words, it is guiding the record label’s decisions and artists’ careers!

How It Works:

They offer their service through democratic voting process on their site and through an environment where you can share content and ideas with fans that are not accessible anywhere else.With this site fans can take control of the record label business and be more involved with the bands they love.

Why It Could Work (In Company’s Words):

As major labels have been forced to completely shift focus to possible blockbuster releases, there is a great swath of incredible artists in their creative prime who have been left without the label support they so richly deserve. We think these artists are not only wonderful but can grow their careers significantly, and we aim with our little effort Crowdbands to provide the support and team to grow their respective careers to unprecedented highs.

Small Membership Fee:

Just $25.00 for a years worth of membership.

Visionwiz’s Views:


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