Launch your own radio station -Free

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Launch your own radio station -Free

Want to open your own radio station where you can play music,talk and communicate with anyone in the world?In other words,do you ever wish to brodcast yourself via radio? Yes? Then try iRadeo.iRadeo would help you to launch your own radio station.iRadeo is the easiest way to start your own custom online radio station and broadcast to the world.iRadeo provides unlimited streams and with the ability to support unlimited listeners – all free.


iRadeo is an all-in-one solution for radio stations, podcasters, musicians, music fans, promoters and music labels. No matter what your message is, iRadeo provides a simple and powerful way to deliver it to an unlimited audience worldwide.

Easy To Use:

First of all sign up and then customize your player (player format, color, and style) and settings, finally, embed your customized player on any web site using a short generated code.

Unique Features:

Unique features such as complete customization of player types, favorite reporting and digital delivery are just a few great tools within the platform.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Useful but nothing new.

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