ZellR.com -Create a nice profile page using social networks

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ZellR.com -Create a nice profile page using social networks

ZellR is to create a nice profile page for you on an easy-to-remember url based on the data gathered from other social networks plus the info you entered. You can use your profile url as a business card which contains every important informations about you.

In Company’s Own Words:

ZellR.com is a new addition in social networking site. It is kind of aggregator for social network sites which lets you to assign a profile to your twitter account. The platform itself created to enable you to fill your profile within minutes using data from other social networks like Facebook, twitPic and others.

Easy To Use:

Once you are registered with ZellR it start to save your social media statuses, urls you like, photos you upload, videos you watch and give you an url where you can see a nice aggregated feed of your online activity.When you are first logged in to ZellR a wizard will appear to help you to create your profile. You can add your Social network ids, upload pictures or grab them from twitpic, enter your basic informations easily using our wizard.

Best Part Is:

ZellR let’s you to find your facebook and twitter. Once you befriend someone you can see their feed of their activity across multiple social networks.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Very useful tool.Thumbs up.

More at:http://zellr.com/

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