Tablets, Gadgets, Smartphones–Oh, My! What Day Two of CES Brought to the Tech World

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Tablets, Gadgets, Smartphones–Oh, My! What Day Two of CES Brought to the Tech World

Tablets, Gadgets, Smartphones–Oh, My! What Day Two of CES Brought to the Tech World

If all the presenters of new products got together before this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and decided on a theme, I would not be surprised: The entire productions has been dominated by gadgets, tablets and smartphones, with every possible iteration therein.

After a slew of products debuted during Day 1 of CES yesterday, Thursday upped the ante even more by unveiling every possible iteration of electronic “helpmate” you could imagine (at least for now).

Verizon, Motorola, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile–you name ‘em–all brought new, better, faster, smarter devices to show the tech savvy (and tech picky!) crowd in Las Vegas, as it becomes ever clearer that 2011 WILL be the year of the “smarter” phone.

Verizon used its keynote to showcase its faster network to help those new gadgets go faster, as well as debuting a direct competitor for Apple’s iPad, the Motorola Xoom tablet. The company also trotted out a host of sharp looking news smartphones, including the Droid Bionic, an upgraded version of the ever-popular Droid phone.

“The sheer scale of connection of this new world will be truly mind-boggling,” Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg said in his keynote Thursday.

During that keynote, Seidenberg was, in my opinion, vastly outshone by Google’s demo of its Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, which is exactly what any techie has come to expect from the search behemoth: innovation, speed and ease of use.

In other corners later that day, LG announced its G-Slate tablet will run on T-Mobile’s network (see our wrap-up of the top five best moments of CES day two), while the maker of BlackBerry, the struggling Research in Motion, attempted to stay in the game by announcing it has its OWN tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook.

One cannot, of course, forget Dell’s contribution: The announcement its Streak 7 Android (hotly anticipated as a tech lover’s dream phone) will soon be available on T-Mobile’s network. This initially dicey choice was soon soothed over, however, when T-Mobile announced it would be doubling its network speed to 42 Mbps this year–making many of these tablets, gadgets and smartphones precisely what we want them to be: better, faster and more productive.

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