“Social Commerce”- Sell and buy through your trusted friends only

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“Social Commerce”- Sell and buy through your trusted friends only

If you’re active buyers or sellers on internet then check out this new site named Addoway.
Addoway is a new marketplace (social commerce) where shoppers buy from their friends and the merchants they trust. In simpler words, this site aims to sell and buy through your trusted friends.

In Company’s Words:

We’re to bring the next generation of “social commerce” to the masses, where shoppers can buy from their friends and the merchants they trust. While other notable marketplaces use stranger’s experiences to create reputation, Addoway integrates directly with Facebook, giving users recommendations to reputable sellers through people they already know.

How To Sell:

When you are logged in just click Post an Ad or click Sell in the top navigation bar, enter the listing information and hit preview then submit. You can add optional details, description, up to 6 photos and even a video if you have one. As a seller you can choose to accept Addo Bucks from shoppers in turn for a discount off your listings.

How To Buy:

Click buy now, enter your zip code and then click review Order. The next page confirms your information and if correct just Pay Now. You can also negotiate with a seller if they turned that option on.

How Is It Different:

It chose to not have auctions on Addoway and instead create DealoWay where shoppers can still opt to barter for a better price.


Its dealoway allows buyers to make offers on negotiable or tradeable items if they want to get a better deal on the product/service. You can also trade items you are selling for items you want to buy. Just click the DealOWay button and input your offer. If it’s tradeable too you can actually drag and drop items you are selling that you want to exchange. It is as simple as that.

Here is video demo:

Visionwiz’s Views:

This site could thrive fast because all of us want to buy and sell online through trusted sources only, and this site is focusing on that aspects only. So it hit the nail.I am seeing big business potential in this segment.Thumbs up.

More at:http://www.addoway.com/

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