Rfynr-How To Filter useful information from twitter and face book networks

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Rfynr-How To Filter useful information from twitter and face book networks

All of us like to use twitter and facebook to know what’s happening around the web in real time .Isn’t so? However, now these sites become so much crowded that getting right information on these sites becomes quite difficult. Do you agree with this?

For instance, in your twitter a/c, how many peoples are you following,100,200 or1000?Can you follow all the people’s tweet? Ans is: No. It is impossible to follow so many peoples at one time. Right?

Let me explain:

Suppose, you don’t want to miss few peoples tweet, but because of so many twitter updates, you miss most important tweets. So, in such a condition, what will you do? Imagine, if you can use some filtering tool that can help you to bring most important tweets to you by filtering it from all your twitter network . Would not that be great?

Why don’t you check out this new tool Refynr.Rfynr is to help you filter information from twitter and facebook networks and bringing you only the most useful information according to your interest and requirement. It refines & backs up your social networks based on your keywords.


Refynr automatically updates and saves your refyned stream so that you can catch up on anything interesting you missed.

Easy To Use:

First of all connect to Twitter and Facebook. Now make a keyword search list that applies to your Twitter Friends & Facebook Feed. Now see a refined stream that contains only stuff from your social streams that match the keywords.

When This Tool Will Make Difference:

If you have unlimited social contacts on Twitter or Facebook a/c.Your social contacts often post stuff you don’t care about. Or,if you’re busy at work and trying stay focused .If you want to keep track of particular topics/keywords on Social Media .And last but not least when you miss interesting things over the weekend or while you’re on vacation.

Visionwiz’s Views:

This filtering tool would be quite handy as all of us want to follow only those peoples who matters.And this tool will help you in finding information based on keywords. So,its adding value to our social networks.It is certainly going to rock.Thumbs up.

More at:http://www.refynr.com/

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